Waivers and Calendar


Carolina Sailing Foundation Youth Release Form
You need this form to practice at Lake Crabtree and to participate in regattas.

SAISA Waiver
You need this form for every racing event you participate in on the SAISA circuit. You may need to fill out the one that is provided at the event, rather than this one.

2020-2021 CALENDAR

Weekly Practices

Fall 2020 practices: Sept 1 -- Oct 29, Jordan Lake, Crosswinds Boating Center
Spring 2021 practices: March 16 -- May 27, TBD, either Jordan Lake or Lake Crabtree
Tuesdays and Thursdays – 4:30 to dusk (6:45)

Special events

Oct 31, Halloween Invitational Regatta, Wilmington NC

Last year! 2019-2020 CALENDAR

Kickoff Meeting

Sep 08, 5:30pm, in the Beech Shelter at Lake Crabtree

Weekly Practices at Lake Crabtree

Fall 2019 practices: Sept 10 -- Oct 29
Spring 2020 practices: March 10 -- May 21
Tuesdays and Thursdays – 4:30 to dusk (6:45)

Practices will continue as such until length of daylight becomes a factor.

Additional practice times are possible and will be communicated via email by the program director.

Sailors will learn how to rig and furl 420 sailboats, gain experience with boat-handling and racing skills/tactics, and discuss rules. We will make sure that everyone gets time in a boat though this may be limited by the number of sailors present. If a regatta is occurring the following weekend, individuals registered for the regatta will have priority over the boats and will generally race the whole practice. We will cycle non-registered sailors through the other boats with the intention that everyone who is there gets to sail, but their sailing time may be more limited.

Special events

Sept 19 (Thursday), Bring a friend to practice
Sept 22 (Sunday), Basic Sailing Clinic with Nicole Roberge, former RTP HS Sailing Coach
Oct 22, Lake Crabtree Clean-up if we do not have a no-wind-day and do clean-up earlier
Nov 10, Race clinic with Dan and Tom Russell, founding members of RTP HS Sailing
Mar 21, 1-4;30 Lake Crabtree Cleanup Day (raindate Mar 22)
May 2-3: Weekend Race Clinic, Blackbeard Sailing Club, New Bern
May 21: Last day of practice, end of season dinner
May 30: Boat move and capsize practice

Regatta Schedule

Sept 28 Charleston Open Regatta
Oct 12 Jordan Lake Points Regatta
Oct 19/20 Lake Norman Points Regatta
Nov 16 Wrightsville Open Regatta
Dec 8 CSC Winter Racing Series with LTYC HS Team
March 14, 2020: Lake Crabtree Open Regatta
May 16, 2020: 11-4:30 Interclub Regatta, Lake Townsend
June 26/27-28: Governor's Cup Regatta, Kerr Lake